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Building Surveying

Expert residential, commercial property and construction consultants providing clients with clear, concise and a high level service.

Our Building Surveying

Residential Condition Reports

We offer two main types of residential building surveys: A synopsis type survey report as well as a full building survey report. We first focused on providing full building surveys only although with experience, based on client feedback, we now provide a budget friendly option. Our surveys provide concise information on critical building elements with the assurance major structural issues are not a concern.

Synopsis reports focus on critical building elements; visible substructure, main walls, roof, floors, and ceilings allowing us to provide general opinion, focusing on discoverable defects in more detail and advise on remedial works and associated costs.

A building survey report is a comprehensive level of detail providing a thorough description as built construction, condition of building components and performance of elements. Our core aim is to identify the defect, provide the correct pathology for the defect and suggest how the source can be eliminated. Reports also include budget costs for specified works.

Both survey options also include investigation and review of available planning documentation, land registry mapping and obvious regulatory issues. We also carry out a full photographic survey as part of our inspection which can be viewed or indeed issued as required. We are also happy to discuss specific requirements while reports can be tailored to suit your particular project.

  • Commercial Conditions Report

Our commercial building survey reports offer extensive insight into the existing condition and performance of this type of building. Commercial buildings may vary significantly from residential properties and have been constructed using different construction techniques and materials.

Inspections are carried out on a building to assess its condition, the condition of building components and performance of elements. Investigation and review of available planning documentation, land registry mapping and obvious regulatory issues. We also carry out a full photographic survey as part of our inspection which can be viewed or indeed issued as required.

  • Schedule of Condition Reports

Schedules are intended to provide the landlord with a detailed report or indeed a photographic report prior to a tenant taking a lease of a property. The schedule will provide documented evidence of the condition that the property was let in and the standard in which it should behanded over at the lease-end.

  • Design Certifier

Certification of compliance (design) is a requirement under the new building control regulations SI9. DalyHudson are fully qualified & indemnified to carry out the role of both Design & Assigned Certifier. The new Building Control Amendment Regulations [BC(A)R] came into effect in March 2014.

  • Construction Drawings & Specifications

Construction drawings provide a graphic representation of the building to be constructed. Further information is added to accompany detailed specification & tender documentation before final connection issue is approved and handed over to contractors. Depending on the level of detail required a complete set of construction drawings tends to comprise floor plans, elevations, sections, and detail drawings.

  • Tender Process & Contractor Selection

In construction, the main tender process is generally for the selection of the contractor that will construct the works. We would always recommend issuing tenders to at least three contractors. Main requirements involve preparing and issuing tender documents described in construction drawing & speciation section. Do also recommend client explores and seeks there preferred contactors.

Construction Stage
  • Assigned Certifier

The Assigned Certifier is assigned by the Building Owner as required under the Building Control Regulations. They undertake to inspect, and co-ordinate the inspection activities of others during construction, and to certify the building or works on completion. As Registered Building Surveyors DalyHudson are fully qualified & indemnified to carry out the role.

DalyHudson are registered ‘Designer’ and ‘Assigned Certifier’ with the Building Control Management System (BCMS) under S.I. No. 9 of 2014 as Registered SCSI Building Surveyors (Public Register B0300)

  • Project Management & Project Supervision

Our project management service generally consists of planning and coordinating your project from start to finish. The service includes Implementing approved design, papering pre-inspection plans, preparation of construction drawings and specification documents, sourcing and appointing supporting professionals, contractors and sub-contractors.

Certification & Legal Documentation
  • Certificates of Compliance

A Certificate of Compliance is required for all new build work and for all alterations, additions or extension work to an existing property. Providing the correct certification is also essential for the conveyancing of property. Certificates are presented in line with guidelines set out by the Society of Chartered Surveyors.

  • Land Registry Mapping/Lease Mapping/Rights of Way

Land Registry Compliant Map is required for all property transfers in Northern Ireland. DalyHudson are experienced and competent in dimensional control, surveying of land and preparation of title maps. We prepare maps in accordance with the requirements of the Property Registration Authority – Land Registry.

Declaration of Identity

DalyHudson are experienced and competent in surveying site set up and preparation of required documentation. Expected content would include confirmation that the property as well as the properties services are located withing the legal defined boundary/folio. Services usually include but are not limited to septic tank or wastes water treatment system treatment, percolation system and rainwater soakaway.

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